In Defense of Bangerz


You know, I find it completely ridiculous that people scoff at me these days when I tell them that I genuinely like Miley Cyrus. I can’t tell whether the way she acts is a front to get views/attention/money or if she’s making her own little commentary on American consumerism, but either way I think she’s so unfairly judged! She’s just a young woman trying to separate herself from the image Disney has scarred her with with a sex-sells mentality (surely not the first time someone has done that). I could go on a whole feminist rant about the VMAs, and Robin Thicke, and women’s sexualization in pop-culture, but I won’t go that far this week. Right now I just want to talk about what all this hullabaloo should really be about – her music! Have you heard  Bangerz yet?!

Glamour Magazine recently made an argument that this could be Miley’s equivalent to Britney Spears’ Britney  or Christina Aguilera’s Stripped from the early 2000’s and I agree; There are actually few songs on this album that are about drugs and party culture, which is what the public expected this album would be filled with. Instead, most of album explores themes of being independent, love, sex, heartbreak, the whole nine yards.

Lyrically, I think this album is a must-listen for young women around mine and Miley’s age. Do My Thang, FU, and On My Own have an gritty, empowering feel with lyrics like, “don’t you worry ’bout me, I’m gonna  be ok,” and “I need to stop sleeping on myself, get up and do it on my own.” #GETITRIGHT, Adore You, and Rootin’ For My Baby give a modern spin on classic love songs, while Drive and Wrecking Ball are those perfect bust-out-the-ice-cream-its-time-to-cry-break-up songs. Cyrus also does a whole world of musical experimenting on this album too: bubble-gum pop to acoustic ballad to rap, my ears heard it all in this one album and I liked it. 

So go do yourself a huge favor: Put away your judgment, and give this album a chance. It’s obvious now that there’s much more to Miley than Molly and Teddy Bears, you just just have to allow yourself to see it, first.

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